Stool Health

There are a few ways you can naturally tell the health of your stool. Stool health can be determined by color, odor, and amount. The closer attention you pay to your stools, the better able you may be to determine if there is a problem or issue with your body.

The color of your stool is generally related directly to what you eat. Bile is a yellow-green liquid that is excreted by your liver. Bile digests fats in your stool. Usually bile travels in the gastrointestinal track and works with enzymes changing their color from green to brown. Any varying shade of brown is considered normal and means the bile is doing its job.

A red, maroon, or black stool can be serious. It can be an indication there is blood in the stool. You should make an appointment with your doctor if you have a red or black stool. A light grey stool is another stool color for which to take special care. Sometimes a light grey stool can be an indication of an ulcer or liver cancer.

Another determinant for good stool health is odor and consistency. When your body eliminates waste, it has usually been sitting in your colon for approximately three days. If the bile enzymes are doing their job you can expect the stool be odoriferous in an unpleasant way. Some people eliminate stool every day, or even 2-3 times a day, while others may only go once or twice a week. The important thing is that odor and amount are only a problem if it is something different than your usual bowel movements.

Good stool health is vital for the young and old alike. Keeping a close eye on your bowel movements is the first key to maintaining good overall health. Consistently checking your stool to make sure the color, odor and amount are your usual bowel movements is very important. When stools change, sometimes the answer is going to the doctor, but sometimes the answer is using a product to assist you in cleaning your colon. Being observant is the best way to ensure future stool health.

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