Poop is Green?

At many times in your life, your poop is green. Most people immediately associate this with an illness or being sick. This is not the case, in most people, having green poop is a completely natural and common thing. There is nothing to worry about, there are many things that can cause your poop to be green.

Often times, especially in babies, poop is green from breast feeding, or from the type of foods that they are eating. A diet rich in greens and veggies tends to make your poop green from all of the chlorophyll. Foods with a high iron content can turn your poop green if you eat too much of it. There is nothing wrong with having a high iron diet but it will cause discoloration of your poop. Most raw foodists’ poop is green because their diet consists of mostly veggies and fruits. This is nothing uncommon. Many food colorings can also make your poop be green because it is an unnatural item to ingest and your body doesn’t take to the food dyes.

If you have been sick, the consumption of bile or post nasal drip can cause your poop to be green. Sometimes your poop is green from the bile in your lower intestine. It is trying to rid your body of toxins and the bile creates a discoloration of your feces as it leaves your body, excreting you of the toxins you ingested.

Sometimes, your poop is green for an unhealthy reason, however. if your green poop is followed by any of these factors than you should see a doctor. Do you have diarrhea? If your poop is green followed by diarrhea, then you may have a problem with undigested food clogging your colon. Pain in the stomach, excessive weight gain or loss and digestive orders coupled with your green poop are all reasons that you should see a doctor immediately. These are not good things, and even if it is nothing serious, it’s better to be safe than sorry. To help prevent any of these issues, you should try to eat healthy and chew your food thoroughly so that you don’t get any kind of colon blockage.

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