Mucous Poop

When mucous is passed in the stool, It is important to take notice and seek help because it is usually a sign of something going on in the digestive system.

The mucous poop could be a sign of an infection such as salmonella or shigellosis. In the case of infection look for other symptoms such as malaise, blood in the stool and diarrhea. It’s a good idea to seek help fast if infection is thought to be the cause of mucous poop.
In other instances it’s important to notice when mucous is passed in the stool. Is it after eating certain foods? Is it anticipating or after stressful events. The answer to these questions can help the doctor find out the cause of the mucous poop.

Diet can cause a person to pass mucous in their stool. Celiac disease, an inability to process the gluten in certain foods such as wheat, could be the cause of the problem. There are tests for celiac disease such as the ANTI-TTG ANTIBODIES IGA test that can be administered by a doctor, usually a gastroenterologist.
If food allergies are suspect, the doctor may also prescribe a test. Food allergies can be detected by elimination, a blood test, and a skin prick test.

If any one of these conditions are the case, a change in diet is usually a major help for the problem.

Two other common causes of mucous poop are due to diseases classified as Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD). Two common forms of IBD are Ulcerative Colitis (CD) and Crohn’s Disease (UC). In the case UC ,the mucous membrane of the stomach is affected which can account for the mucous that is passed in the stool. UC on the other hand can affect the entire digestive system. In order to determine if someone has IBD and what type it is, the doctor may order a series of tests. These tests most likely will include blood tests, biopsies, radiological tests and endoscopic procedures.

If one is found to suffer from any form of IBD, the doctor will probably suggest a change in diet which could include cutting out caffeine, dairy and other products which can cause a flare up and a person to have mucous poop. The doctor will also recommend foods to eat while a flare up is taking place in order to ease the symptoms.

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