Green Bowel Movements – What You Need To Know!

Green bowel movements are very common and usually no cause for concern. People generally expect their stools to be a consistent brownish color, but it doesn’t take much to cause that to change. Any change in stool color can be very alarming, but the cause is almost always benign.

Green stools usually result from something that you have eaten, such as an abundance of green vegetables, or perhaps a food that has been artificially colored with green. Oddly enough, even foods that are artificially colored with purple can cause green bowel movements. If you’ve spent the day wolfing down salads, asparagus, or broccoli, you might find that you next bowel movement will be off color. Iron supplements or foods that are very rich in iron can also cause green bowel movements, as well as some medications such as laxatives and antibiotics.

One of the physical causes of green bowel movements is a condition called “rapid transit”. When food is digested properly, it goes through the small intestine first. When it goes through small intestine, it is full of bile and very green. After food passes through the small intestine, it then goes through the large intestine where it is turned a brownish color. Sometimes food passes through the large intestine too quickly, and this will result in a green bowel movement. This condition is very common in breast fed infants and toddlers.

However, if you are experiencing cramping, abdominal pain, lower back pain or frequent diarrhea, there is indeed a strong possibility that your symptoms are related to underlying, more serious problems, which you should seek medical advice about.

The good news is, proactive steps can be taken for better digestive system management and improved colon care.

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