Getting Help with Constipation

Being constipated can be extremely uncomfortable and is a problem for many people. One may feel bloated and frustrated when they try to go and just are not able to. Fortunately there are ways to help with constipation. Here is a look at some of the things people can try to get help with constipation.

The first step involves how much water you drink. Chances are if you are not getting enough water you are likely going to get constipated easily. Be sure to drink at least 64 oz. of water each day. An easy way to ensure that you are getting enough water is to put it in a water bottle and carry it with you throughout the day while you drink from it. If you do not like the taste of plain water try adding some lemon or a little bit of fruit juice with it and serve it cold as this can have a great effect on the flavor and help give it a little something for those who do not normally like to drink water.

Secondly, one should look at their diet. If your diet does not contain any fiber or protein, you are at a higher risk of getting constipated. By adding fruits, vegetables, and beans to your diet, you will have an easier time getting help with constipation and get back on track to being regular. Another excellent item to add to your list of foods that help with constipation is yogurt. Yogurt is excellent for getting one regular and more importantly, keeping them regular. By simply eating one small container a day it can make a massive difference in how one feels.

Next you can also add fiber supplements to your diet. These come in the form of powders or caplets you can chew. Many of them have nice flavors these days or can easily be dissolved into your drink whether it be water, juice or coffee. They sell these supplements at most stores and at most drug stores and they are fairly inexpensive.

For more severe cases and those who need help with constipation should consider a colon cleansing program. Not only can a good, high-quality colon cleanse help get rid of constipation, a lot of folks find that they are able to lose weight, they have more energy, and in general they feel much better after getting rid of the unhealthy build-up of toxins and potentially parasites their bodies have taken on through the years!

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