Foods for Constipation

It is a fact of life that every person experiences constipation during their lifetime. Some people may just need a little diet change to get the digestive system functioning properly again. Others may require more drastic measures like laxatives or enemas. Before any medicines are used to relieve constipation, it is a better idea to try eating some foods for constipation relief.

Foods that are high in fiber, can help relieve constipation. It may take several hours or even a day before the high fiber foods can do their work, so it is important to be patient. It is best to try and eat high fiber foods throughout the day, and not at just one sitting. Drinking plenty of water with and between meals can also help soften the stool, and make it easier to pass.

Green leafy vegetables like spinach, are high in fiber and can help get a sluggish digestive system moving again. Raw vegetables have more fiber than cooked or canned vegetables. Brussels sprouts, peas and green beans mixed into a salad are a healthy low fat meal that is perfect for any diet.

Fruits like prunes, bananas, and peaches are high in fiber and taste great as well. A nice bowl of whole bran cereal topped with berries makes a tasty, high fiber meal to get the day started right. Oranges and pears are also great choices.

Whole wheat products like pasta and bread are also high in fiber. White bread can actually cause constipation and should be avoided. Nuts and grains are great foods to eat throughout the day. They are high in fiber and give energy boosts. Pinto beans can be added to salads or ate as a meal. Beans in general do cause extra gas and bloating but are high in fiber.

Fish high in omega fatty acids are also a great way to relieve constipation. However, it is not recommended a person eats more than 3 fish meals a week. Trout, tuna, and salmon can be prepared in a variety of fashions and provide just what the body needs. These foods as part of a normal diet can help a person avoid irritating and painful constipation.

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