Feces Color

Feces also known as stools are the waste product of the digestive system. The appearance and the color can vary depending on the overall state of the health of the digestive system. The color variation found in feces can be indicative of health problems.

A yellow feces color can indicate the presence of jaundice, jaundice is not a disease but rather a symptom of an underlying problem. A yellow stool can also be caused by a parasitic infection. called Giardia this paracitic infection can cause severe yellow color diarrhea. This is a contagious condition that must be reported.

Black feces color this is caused by blood in the intestine that has been there long enough to have be broken down by digestive system . The condition is usually caused by bleeding by some sort of bleeding in the stomach or the intestines. The black color is often cause for concern because it is a sign of iron in the blood.. some medications can cause the stool to become a black color so if you are on medication it would be wise to check with your doctor to see if these are causing a stool color change. Undigested blood in the digestive tract can cause a bright red feces color and should be addressed by a doctor. Alcoholism can cause the passage of a red-black feces color. This is usually a rather serious condition.

There are many foods that if ingested in large amounts will cause changes to your  feces color. Have you ever notices in babies how their stools will often be green? This is due to the fact that the digestive systems of infants are not yet use to the digestive process. Foods with a large amount of food coloring added can also affect the color of the feces. this is because the food dye will react with the bile in the system and affect the color of the feces. Changes in the feces color are usually harmless and will reflect the dietary influences.

There are specific and consistent changes to be on the alert for. The black foul smelling stool for example can be a warning sign of uclers or tumors. Typicaly from the stomach or small intestine. A feces that is the color of clay can be a sign of a lack of bile due to a blocked bile duct. A pale yellow and oily looking feces can indicate that fat is not being absorbed to due a problem with the pancreas such as cancer or cystic fibrosis.

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