Dark Poop

Most people become frightened when they see dark poop in the commode. Before you being to think that you are excreting possible blood with your poop, think about what your diet was the previous evening. Some people have a digestive system that causes their poop to look a little like what they had eaten the night before.

If you have milk or a lot of light colored food and your poop is really light, do you think that there is something wrong with you? Obviously, not, but that is not to say that having internal bleeding which is usually a common cause for dark poop could not be the cause for your dark poop. It’s just one possibility among others including the kind of food that you have injested and digested.

Another common cause of dark poop is constipation. If you had been constipated and suddenly have a bowel movement, your poop will be dark because of the toxins that build up in your colon while you’re constipated. Liver could be a reason for dark poop. The speculation about dark poop could keep you guessing. The only sensible suggestion is to make an appointment with your doctor if the dark poop continues or if you experience cramping and hard stools.

There are some doctors who might request that you bring a sample of your dark poop with you to have it checked for parasites or blood. That is the only way to know for sure. What you can do if you do not want to see a medical doctor is to try and clear up your colon yourself with either a colon cleanse program or a dietary supplement like acai berry added to your daily food regiment.

Another alternative to cleaning up whatever is irritating your colon is to try and stay off of irritating food for a few days and eat plenty of dairy products. Fresh fruit and cottage cheese will probably cause some gas but it means that there is nothing seriously wrong with you and your dark poop is food related.

If you experience nausea and headaches, you should tell your doctor or visit your health food store.

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